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Today we are going to tell you seomeaning and what are seo services benefits.

It does not take much time for us to start any website or blog. But to make your website and blog successful, it is very important to have perfect seo services.
If you have worked hard to creating content but you have not been able to do seo properly then there is no use of your hard work.
I know that you pay more attention to content because content is important for your website or blog.
But we have to say with great sadness that you cannot get success just by content. To get success, it is very important to seo your webpage. Come, let us know more about seo.
what is seo?
seo means search engine optimize. Any person has to search his question in search engine like google or bling to know about anything on internet. And after searching, you are given links to thousands of websites in the results.
You can easily get information about your questions or your needs by going to the top ranked websites or going to some other…

How to relief in Piles medication and treatment information center for disease control with medical assistants

Piles pain is very painful. 
Today we are going to tell you some medication treatments of piles. 

1/ taking triphala power in 3 to 4 gm of warm water at night provides relief in piles. 

2/ 3 to 4 ML custard oil mixed with milk and take it for good results. 

3/ for piles medication, apply coconut oil on piles area.

4/ drink 10 to 15 glasses of water daily. 

5/ increase the amount of asafoetida .

6/ for piles medication, after dinner,  take isabgol in hot water or milk . 

7/ put salt in hot water and shake it on the piled area.

8/ use a chair or table instead of a soft mattress to sit on. 

9/ for piles medication, do not use milk , rice , potato and gram flour in food.  

10/ boycott fried foods and fast foods .

11/ boil sesame seeds in water and make a paste and consume it with butter. 

12/ for piles  medication and treatment ,apply fresh aloe extract of aloevera to the affected area 2 to 3 times a day. 

13/ put cumin seeds in water and Make a paste and apply it on the piles for 10 to 20 minutes a da…

How to god bless you | religion full story with secret information

Hii friends,my name is magan 
Today we are talking about world series 2 The Religion.
We human's know God by different names. 

It is stupid of man that he wants to compare God's too. Don't know why human's has become used to comparing
Human's should keep god away from this cheap thinking. We human's have made religion a business
Join millionaire group Our generations will have to pay for this for a long time. We should be ashamed that we are responsible for this. 

Religion is such a thing that teaches a person to renounce. Another name for freedom is religion. 
The sooner we accept human reality, the better it will be. God is not happy just by donating  .
If you want to please God, you have to give up poor thoughts. Before becoming Hindus and muslims  ,we must become a human being. 
We will not become good people till then it is not possible for us to understand religion. 

We can rectify the mistakes we have …

How to knowledge world animal protection raw story with article 15 progress book center for disease control

Hii friends magan here, today we are talking about world animal protection. 

World animal day is observed on 4rth October. Celebrating world animal protection day does not complete our work.
Our goal should be that all animals in the world are safe. There are also several institutions for world animal protection. 

In today's world, humans can not get protection. What will they give to animals. 

In this world, human's and animals have equal rights. 

God has given human more brains than animals. Therefore it is the duty of human's to protect animals. 

People who work for world animal protection, I consider him a God. 

There are many people in the world who loves animals. Animals are always loyal to their owner. 

The biggest threat to world animal protection is the cutting of forests. 

Due to the large population, humans now look towards the forests. 
Because of which it is difficult to do world animal protection. Humans are also ignoring animals for their needs. 


How to happy anytime in the world ? Come here for happy dose

Hi friends,  my name is magan. 
It is not a matter of everyone to live life freely. Because it takes a lot of courage to live openly. 

God has made humans the same creating this world. God has given equal body to everyone without any discrimination. 

We have seen in the world that the way of living is not the same.  The future of humans is dependent on what is done in its present. 

The work done by a human being in the present results in the future. Therefore, the person who lives openly in the present gets good results in the future. 

In this world,  people have to follow certain rules to be happy. The rules are very painful in the initial stages. 

But by following the rules, the end is very pleasing. The first rule to be happy in the world is not to expect anything from anyone. 

The person in this world is most sad when hope is broken. A person finds flaws in himself, he can never succeed. 

Therefore, never consider yourself less than anyone. No matter how big you may become, but you should…

How to relief in Cough medication and treatment information center for disease control with medical assistants

Cough can occur in many ways. 
We will give you all the cough medication treatment information. 

1/ for cough medication, take 2 to 3 pinches of salt in warm water 2 to 3 times a day. 

2/ eating amla is very beneficial for cough. 

3/ for cough medication treatment, cough is cured by roasting garlic in ghee .

4/ cough can also be relieved by making ginger amla juice. 

5/ keeping the clove in the mouth also not cause cough. Its helpful for cough medication treatment. 

6/ drink clove tea with ginger. 

7/ for cough medication treatment, boil flax seeds in water and drink that water 2 to 3 times a day. 

8/drink a little ginger juice mixed with pomegranate juice. 

9/ while sleeping at night,  apply vicks in your chest and the back. 

10/ for medication of cough, always eat spicy foods with hot spices. 

11/ steam the vicks in hot water. 

12/ eat vegetables rich in vitamins c like cauliflower. 

13/ do not consume fried things .

14/ be sure to drink turmeric milk at bed time. 

15/ in sweet,  use jaggery instea…

How to knowledge gold smith raw story with article 15 progress book center for disease control

Hii guys magan here,
I am a goldsmith. Today I want to update you by giving information about the goldsmith. The goldsmith have been considered of great importance in our life. Whenever we need jewellery, we go to the goldsmith. 

We are in need of jewellery whether we are getting married or doing anything special. Only the goldsmith can shape gold and silver to Make jewellery. But in today's era, machines have replaced humans. 

But even today, there are some ornaments that can not be made by machine. There are some rules to know the amount of gold and silver in jewellery. You must have heard about 22 carat jewellery. 
Pure gold and silver is considered 91.60% in 22 carat jewellery .the remaining 8.40% is other metal, like copper and zink. Pure gold is 24 carat.  The purity of gold and silver in 24 carat is assumed to be 99.99% . 

But I tell the reality , no 24 carat gold and silver jewellery can be made. Because pure gold and silver is very flexible and soft. Like gold,  the same probl…

How to knowledge Google maps India raw story with article 15 progress book center for disease control

Hii friends how are you,,
My name is magan. 
I will tell you today about the Google maps india
Google maps india is very important and famous in India. 
Google maps india is the reed bone of India and all of the world. 
People of India are often funny. If you ask someone the way of any destination, they jokingly lie to you many times. 

I know it's not funny but it is true. 
This problem has ended with the arrival of Google maps india. 
You don't need to ask anything or anyone because Google maps india is proving to be very beneficial and effective. 

With Google maps india, 
You get all the information intently and get it right. Google maps india is a slap in the face of those who don't respond properly and easily. 

Today we love Google maps india like god.

Today Google maps india has proved to be better at moving from one place to another. 
Whenever we think of traveling, 
We definitely remember and used Google maps india. 

If Google maps india was not there,  then after much investiga…

How to knowledge girl meets world raw story with article 15 progress book center for disease control

Hii friends, 
My name is magan. 
Today we are going to talk about how the girl meets world
In many places in the world, boys are considered to be above the girls. 

When the girl comes in to the world, bring her future with her.
When the girl meets world,  she faces thousands of dirty eyes. 

The other means of being a girl is stamina. When a girl meets world, 
She creates thousands of dreams. 

When the girl meets world, thousands of relationships are formed. If someone makes father, brother and a husband. 

When the girl meets world after marriage, so everything changes. Forgetting one's own needs one has to live for the happiness of others. 

Like husband happiness,  mother in law happiness and father in law happiness. When the girl meets world after becoming a mother, one has to live for the happiness of children. 

Girls have a huge contribution in advancing the world. If the girl meets world,  then changes the world. 

That is why the world has been called ladies first. The world is incomple…

How to knowledge shiva raw story with article 15 progress book center for disease control

Har har mahadev to all Shiva devotees on behalf of 
magan soni. 
Lord shiva knows as mahadev
and bholenath. 

Lord shiva was hence named mahadev because he is the God 
Of God's. Because of the innocence of lord shiva, his name bholenath became famous. 

Lord brahma created the universe. But without lord shiva, this creation was impossible to run. 

Lord shiva was also known as neelkanth , because lord shiva 
Drank poison to save the earth. 

Lord shiva becomes happier than other gods. Lord Shiva's anger is also very impressive. 

Only lord shiva has the ability to 

Destroy the earth in an instant. 
Lord shiva resides on mount kailash. 

Once lord shiva goes into medication, he does not come 
back for years. 

But when the devotees of lord 
Shiva ever face trouble, so lord 
Shiva comes running. 

The life of lord shiva is even simpler than ordinary human's. 
The existence of lord shiva is very different from the imagination of human's. 

Lord shiva can be felt by his devotees through air.
Lord shiva…

How to knowledge black superman raw story with article 15 progress book center for disease control

To save humanity from crisis, 
The person who is called black superman. He is a comman person during the day. But at night he becomes black superman. 

A comman man does not just become a black superman. 
To become a black superman 
One has to Make huge sacrifices. 

To save the lives of others, he who 
Killed himself is called black superman. The story of black superman began with a war.
This war was fought for women's defense and protecting religion. 

In this world, the freedom to choose religion was given long ago. But humanity was said to be the biggest religion. 

After the division of religion's, the world divided the society. The division of religion's and society's was our biggest mistake. 

This step was probably taken for the good of humanity but it's outcome would be so bad that it never thought. 

The biggest result of this mistake came out, some people tried to force their religion. The result of which was this war.

Thousands of people died in this war. I too was invit…

How to knowledge airforce portal raw story with article 15 progress book center for disease control

Welcome to the Air force portal
My name is magan. Today we are going to talk about the air force portal. 


After the end of the world war 1,the world understood the meaning of the airforce. 

After the world war 1, people came out to know that fighting is also necessary to live in the world. 

There are 3 levels to fight a war. 
Water ( Navy ) 
Land  ( army )
Sky  (air force)
In the end, the country whose airforce is strong, wins only. 

This thing was proved in the second world war. 
How much damage did pearl harbor cause in the attack by the Japanese air force. 

However, Japan had to pay a huge price for it. The Mark's of which are still felt in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

The air force has also undergone many changes with the changing times. 

The United states of America air force is the largest air force in the world with a total of 13,362 aircraft. 

The Indian air force was officially established on 8th October 1…

How to knowledge the black mirror raw story with article 15 progress book center for disease control

Hii friends, how are you? Welcome to the black mirror.  I love the color black. 

But don't know why some people hate black so much. 

Human's are have their own opinions. Some humans are embarrassed because of their black color. 

A person born in south Africa is black. This black color is from the God. But perhaps some stupid people do not understand this. 

Human's do not have the authority over themselves how they can look. 

Human can change their actions. Being beautiful or ugly is not a matter of human being's. 

Do not make fun of the things which are not within humans control. 

A wise person never considers apartheid. People who make fun of others black, one day they themselves remain as a joke. 

It is a great sin to Make fun of someone when they are not beautiful. 

A person is known by his ability, 
Not by color. In today's world human is not known by color. 

There are some people who still discriminate color on the earth. 

The blacks are discriminated against because they co…

intelligence the spy information

Hii friends , my name is magan and welcome to the world of intelligence/The spy .

This is the reality on which stories are made countries are not formed by crowds of humans. 

A lot of hard work has to be done to Make a piece of land a country. The biggest strength of any country is its intelligence agency. 

Each country has its own intelligence agency. Like the United states of America intelligence agency named CIA.

Russia's intelligence agency named KGB.
Israel's intelligence agency named MOSSAD.

Pakistan's intelligence agency named ISI. and India's intelligence agency named RAW.

These agencies were created to strengthen the security of the country. 

These intelligence agencies work under the supervision of the government. 

Out of millions of human,
Only one person is chosen to work in the intelligence. 

The people working in the intelligence agency are like shadows. 

In the crowd of humans, they become common people. It is not a matter of the comman man to identify them. 


How to knowledge simple raw story with article 15 progress book center for disease control

Hii friends, magan here.
Welcome to the world of simple. 
The world becomes simple for simple people but if see, nothing is simple in the world. 

Nobody wants to be a simple in this runaway life of today.  And neither is anyone allowed to be simple. 

All human beings in the world want their children to be smarter than other simple children of the world. 

Parents want to fulfill their dreams through children. 
The simple thing is that our children should not face the trouble we have faced. 

If seen,  this is our biggest mistake. It is our duty to raise children well but let them face their own challenges. 

The happiness achieved by forcing someone does not last long. Living a simple life is the hallmark of a happy person. 

Even a powerful person should not allow his powers to dominate himself. 

Its effect can destroy your children's future. Despite having many powers, keeping yourself simple is a sign of a great human. 

Excessive light can blind the eyes. 
There are many ups and downs in this …

How to live with neighbors information

Hii friends ,my name is magan. 
Welcome to the trending topic article series . Today we are going to talk about the neighbor. 
Neighbor can be of many types. 

But I believe that no one neighbor is good or bad. It depends on us how to treat our neighbor. 

There are some neighbor who remember us throughout their lives . Only a neighbor, good or bad, can become your best friend and partner ever.

There is also a saying in India that the first relative is a neighbor. Because we should know that we can change everything but our neighbor can not change it. 

It is the biggest duty of a sensible person to keep his neighbor happy and satisfied at all times. 

Once a person is determined, what can he not do? If you can do this then believe me you are the best neighbor in the world. 

Some times if there is some confusion in the neighbor relationship, then do not stay away from your neighbor for more days. 

The person who takes initiative to remove misunderstanding is called great. The always bending neighb…

Information of Real clear trump politics in united states of america | support donald trump

Hii friends, my name is magan.
Welcome to the real clear politics with donald trump. 
Trump Politics is required to keep the united state tied up. 
Real clear trump politics is needed to explain the importance of each other to the united state . 

In today's age, it is very difficult to teach real trump politics
Choosing the right time with right place is trump politics

Sacrificing one's ambitions for the happiness of others is real trump politics
To destroy your enemy without putting your hands on it is real trump politics. 

To be a true politician you have to kill your ambitions.
trump politics is the step taken to fulfill the ambitions of united states of america . 

Happy to harm an innocent is not a symptom of a good politician. 
Breaking the law to bring justice to the innocent is also real trump politics. 

We support trump,,,,  if you support trump please click below to support donald trump

Human beings resorts to politics to rectify their mistakes. 
Human himself does not want …

How to knowledge world unity portal raw story with article 15 progress book center for disease control

Hii friends,, my name is magan. 
Welcome to the world unity portal. 

We human's have almost the same body. Only we human's have different ways of thinking. It means to say that the body is the same but the thinking is different. 

In this world, all people come from the same path. Do you know what it means ?

This means that we are all humans of the same species. Our body colors may vary, but the body is the same. 

I know you all know these things well. Why is there so much discrimination between us despite knowing this truth ? 

You will get the answer after removing religious glasses. There is no religion greater than humanity. 

When the world is in trouble, it is only when we understand it.
The problem of us humans is that we want to go beyond each other. 

In order to move for ward,we exceed our limits. The result of which is a waste of the world. 

The world has seen world war twice. We are still feeling the ruins of the world war in the world. 

Both world wars were the result of our own…